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I'm reading DEVIL'S STAR now.  Actually it's a re-read.  Quite right about the characters!  The plot is another matter.  I'm asking myself why I am so enthralled by alcoholic protagonists: Morse, Jack Taylor, and now Harry Hole.  Probably the fact that strong men may be very vulnerable.

While on a pre-Xmas trip, I have been reading: THE NAKED AND THE DEAD

I'm reading INVOLUNTARY WITNESS by Gianrico Carofiglio.  This is a first book by an Italian judge who is

renowned for being tough on the Mafia.  It's in the first person, a lawyer.  He's like an Italian Mickey Haller.

Nice reading.  I miss reading Michael Dibdin, so the Italian setting was nice.

You might also like Camilleri.  I think he's great.

Benjamin Black, ELEGY FOR APRIL.  Benjamin Black is acclaimed literary writer John Banville, slumming in the mystery genre.  I have said elsewhere that I haven't found a great deal of difference between his "serious" novels and his mysteries. He writes both very well, meaning that his style is admirable. One can learn a lot from his elegantly turned phrase, the luminous passage of description, the use of physical attributes to reveal a character's personality. The mystery plot (yes, there is a mystery and a solution, a victim and a killer) moves at a fairly leisurely pace because there is a secondary story, that of a lonely man with an empty life and a serious drinking problem who tries to make amends to his daughter and to himself.  (As I said, it's also a "serious" novel).

In the current issue of Rolling Stone, there is a good article about Stieg Larsson.


Off the subject of books, there's also a wonderful interview with John Lennon, taped a day or two before he died.

I remember hearing of his death on the radio coming home from work.  I went into my living

room and sat in the dark and cried.  

Picked up Midnight Guardians by Jonathon King this week, and am looking forward to reading it. King doesn't get a lot of attention it seems, but he's a writer I truly enjoy.
For a change of pace from the  usual crime-mystery-thriller I'm reading GRAVE PERIL by Jim Butcher.

Jim Butcher is one of my guilty pleasures.  I enjoy his breezy, first-person narratives.  His wizard

must be the person he would like to be, if you know what I mean.  Wait a minute!  I've assumed

that GRAVE PERIL is from the wizard series and not his regular science fiction.  Which is it?



Yes, is book three in the Dresden File series. A lot of fun to read.
The Zebra-Striped Hearse by Ross Macdonald, a master of creating realistic characters.

Funny, I just re-read Macdonald's FIND A VICTIM a few months back. He was one of my all time favorites when I was a kid.




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