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Garry Disher, BLOOD MOON.  This is an Australian police procedural.  It struck me as not so different from most police procedurals set in English-speaking countries.  On the whole, okay, but that's all.

Alafair Burke, CLOSE CASE.  They say to write what you know.  The protagonist here is a district attorney in Portland, Oregon, and the author was a D.A. in Portland, Oregon. So you've got to believe the shenanigans.

On the whole, while interesting in the way relationships were handled, this is another female protagonist with a cop lover.  What made it interesting is that the social context deals with white police officers killing blacks and covering up drug deals they have going on the side.  You can see where that might create problems between Samantha Kincaid and her cop lover.+

I just finished Quick Service by P.G Wodehouse.

I'm a huge fan of Wodehouse's Jeeves and Wooster short stories, but this is the first time I've read this novel of his. Absolutely hilarious with hoot out-loud sentences that you read again just to savor them again. I highly recommend this funny, classic read.
PIMP by Iceberg Slim. Too long, a bit tedious, at times too misogynistic even for me, though I can stand a lot!
The Brotherhood by Y.A. Erskine.  Debut book by an ex-cop from Tasmania, set in Tasmania.  Then hopefully Siren's Sting by Miranda Darling which is the second thriller from her - looking forward to that one.

I'm halfway through Nelson DeMille's The Gate House, a purported sequel to his earlier book, The Gold Coast. DeMille is one of the few authors who can sustain my interest while writing in first POV. Won't even try to say what's going on ... except that in the previous book John's (now) ex-wife murdered the mafia don living next door with whom she was having an affair.

How's this for an inspiring story line ...  The Murder Checklist    

Liz Marinello had a lot on her mind as she left her weekly psychotherapy appointment in Metairie, Louisiana. She was in the midst of an acrimonious divorce.  Beyond the sunlit parking lot, traffic was heavy on the afternoon of August 31, 2006. When Liz reached her car, a scruffy-looking bearded man walked up to her and shot her twice in the face ...    DARK DEEDS: The murder checklist


You have, no doubt, read John Locke.  :)
Hey l.j. I'm only a month late responding ... yes, I've read John Locke ... surely you're not comparing him to de Mille?  or was it the murder checklist ... ah! but that's an actual case. I'm not making it up!
This hasn't been added to for awhile. I thought I already sent this but I can't find it. I recently discovered Jo Nesbro & read all of his books that have been translated to English.

Cool. I ordered one of Jo's books, Nemesis, on Kindle after hearing good things about him and not being able to find his books. The day after I ordered it I walked into a store that had all of his books on the shelf.


Have I got something to really look forward to? In the style of what?

What store? I ordered most on Kindle but had to buy a real book to read The Redeemer. The Leopard is coming out later this year. I couldn't find a translation of the first two books in his series: The Bat & The Cockroach. One of those is about Harry & Toowoomba (sp?)that is frequently referred to in The Nemesis and others.
I hope you enjoy his books.
Another author I discovered & really like is Deon Meyers. Went thru all of his, too. His detective,Benny, and Harry Hole are somewhat similar but not too much so.

It was one of the book stores at the Sydney Airport actually. Ironically it had a really small crime fiction, yet there was Nesbo.


On the plus side, my favourite online store - Booktopia - does tend to keep his stuff in stock.


Yet more and more reasons why I'm moving towards online shopping and ebooks.


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