Aside from Bryon's Great Big Blog Short Story Project III, who else has a new short that's just come out online or in print?

Both myself and Anthony Neil Smith appear in the latest issue of Thuglit, ominously named ... cue thunder ... Issue 13.

Anyone else have some BSP to share?

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I've got a story coming out this Summer in the second issue of MURDALAND.
I am impressed, A.N.
I always fell asleep in those meetings.
I had a friend who used to write on his PDA during meetings.
Geez, when you're rich and famous those could have been worth something!
OK, I see a few other BSPs about future rather than current stories. Here's mine: I have a short story coming out in the Spring 2007 issue of Spinetingler.
I posted a short today on my blog -- Common Killer.
I have an essay coming out about Irish friends and guns. I'll post the link on my blog when it's available


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