Could you theoretically grind someone up into blow and snort all their ashes and not leave any evidence? Keith Richards snorted his father's ashes - it's close to Stephen's topic about your favourite way you've dropped a body, but I haven't done this myself. I guess I find myself wondering about the technicalities. If I read this in a crime novel I'd probably think it was way over the top, but here it is, in the news...

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I always figured getting rid of ashes would probably be a good way to dispose of the body. Of course, there are all sorts of technicalities with improvised cremation - you have to have the fire hot enough to burn through everything, for one thing, and did you read about this winner?
Cut up the body and put the pieces in a self-cleaning oven? Would that be hot enough? Would you have to run the self-cleaning cycle more than once?
Something to keep in mind is that a crematorium runs at over 4000 degrees and uses a directed blast of flame aimed at the chest cavity so as to get the maximum heat on the area with the most fatty tissue.

Experiments done in an attempt to explain spontaneous human combustion have shown that you can get a person (or in this case, a pig) to ash in a very slow process that depends on high heat growing without much flame. Usually needs a sealed room where the air is being slowly consumed. Usually results in a pile of ash, and everything up above a certain point in the room oddly scorched, since it's been cooked without any open flame.

Of course, you may not want to open a door while this is happening. That could be bad. Unless that's part of your plan, of course.

Sticking Pops on the barbie isn't really gonna do it.
Always nice when the voice of experience chimes in.
Sandra, I live in the Houston area. The most puzzling thing about this case is that the girl had left the guy because he was was violent and had beaten her on more than one occasion. Even though she had a new boyfriend, when the guy asked her over to his place during Spring Break, she said, "Um, sure."

We have to start raising our girls to have more common sense. When a guy smacks you (or when a woman smacks a guy) he or she shouldn't get a second chance. I certainly don't blame the victim at all and agree it is one of the most horrific crimes I've ever heard of (although the man who shot off his wife's legs because she was going out the door to work and he didn't want her to go ranks right up there...) But I cannot figure out why she was so willing to put herself in harm's way when she knew the guy's history.

Houston has a history of colorful domestic murders. There was that dentist who used her Mercedes to mow down her errant husband in the parking lot of the hotel where she caught him with his lover. She ran over him about three or four times, making complete circles of the parking lot to get back to the body each time. The fact that the guy's 15-year-old daughter by his first marriage was in the front seat screaming for her to stop didn't serve to deter her. Guess she showed him. She's serving life for that little lapse in judgment.
I agree with you about how we need to educate people about abusive relationships. And, to some degree I can understand how it happens. I mean, I don't understand/condone but my then, there's my own parents, so I know it can be complicated at best.
Hell, no - not even theoretically! I might, however, mix it into cake batter and present the ginger kid next door with a surprise birthday cake... a little present from Auntie Jooly, heh heh heh.
Gives new meaning to secret ingredients and family recipes.
Dear Lord.
Oh, my. He fell off the 'most likely to die' list---and, he's much older.

The medical examiner has to be involved before you can 'dispose' of a body by cremation, Am I correct here? I don't have an incinerator...
Well, I'm sure there are guidelines if you want to do it legally...
I think you have the start of a story Derek!


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