The Sopranos Are Back! Two Questions for the Barflys....

Grab a stool, place an order and lets go...

Question One-
Will Tony get whacked this season, or will he be arrested and imprisoned, or will he rise to the top of the NYC syndicate?

Question Two-
If he is sent to sleep with the fishes, who will do it and how?

My guess is he will follow Big Pussy, Ralph and his cousin Tony. The only way to end the series is to have him killed.

I think it will be quick, by the gun and his killer will be his right-hand man, Silvio. And it will just be a good business decision on Silvio's part. Tony's lack of motivation, his spilling his guts to Melfi and the desire of the NYC boys to get rid of him will be the deciding factors.
Plus, the Feds will be trying to pin Adriana disappearance on someone, and Tony gave the kill orders to Silvio. Silvio is passionless when it comes to decision making and this will be one that's good for the Family, in his eyes.

What do you guys think? Hey, where's my Macallan's?

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I don't think Tony will get whacked - not because of the logic of the plot and characters, but because there's always a chance they will decide to revive the series, and it wouldn't work without him. The current Vanity Fair has a good profile of the Sopranos creator, David Chase, and he seems determined to end the show. James Gandolfini, aka Tony, is also said to be ready to quit and move on to other projects, compared to most of the other actors, who are sad about its ending. But David and/or James could always change their minds.

I'm currently addicted to just one daytime soap, One Life to Live, because of the actor Michael Easton who made such a gorgeous vampire on the defunct Port Charles. But in soaps, it's very common to do away with characters by having them move to Europe, fall into a coma or be institutionalized for extended periods - or even to be missing for years and presumed dead. That way they can easily turn up again when the actors change their minds and need the gig after all. Thinking like a soap writer, how about having Tony presumed dead after being dumped into the Hudson or being buried in a Jersey garbage dump, even compacted? The latter would be traceable, though, so the Hudson's probably a better bet.


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