Just posted a new story at my blog; curious to hear y'alls opinions...


Thanks for your attention! I now return you to your regularly scheduled Thanksgiving programming.


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that was wonderful.
Wow, thanks, Anne! This is kind of my 'test foray' into public criticism of my work, so it's nice to have my very first comment be a positive one.
Kids say the darndest things, eh? Very nice, Minerva.
I liked it a lot, Minerva.
What a delightful story, Minerva. Very well staged and the characters were very believable. You even captured all the subtle nuances between a wife and sports fanatic husband- it gave the family dimension. First rate.
Excellent, Minerva.
Absolutely terrific. I can't wait to read more of the story, Minvera! Will it continue? I like the characters, you got the voices nailed down perfectly. Hope it's not a one-time appearance for these folks!


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