Hello folks- not sure where to put this, but wanted to get the word out quickly about it.

Mystery writer and lipstick chronicle blogger Elaine Viets has had a massive stroke. She's in a Florida hospital, and doctors aren't sure whether she'll live. If she does make it. she's expected to be severely disabled.

I'm passing this along here because her husband Don expressed a wish that all of her friends be apprised as quickly as possible. So please keep Elaine and her family in your prayers.

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Oh no! That is really terrible to hear. I love her books. My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.
This is terrible news and I am just.....in shock. Keep us posted please.
We met Elaine in Phoenix last year and she was so terrific, one of my favorite people at the conference. This is very sad news, indeed.
Jesus, I only know her as a member here. This is some sad news. My thoughts will be with her and her family.
Horrible, terrible news. My heart goes out to Don and her family.
What awful news. We'll keep her and her family in our prayers. Brian, please keep us posted if you hear anything further.
The news is better this morning, Brian. Elaine has had some surgery, they've drained some blood and she's expected to recover. It's going to be a long road, as anyone know who has had a stroke or a family member who's had one. We'll be posting updates on the Lipstick Chronicles.
Thanks for this update...my positive thoughts will be with Elaine and her family and hope she continues to improve.
My thoughts are with her. I'm so sorry to hear about this.
This has been horrible six months, hasn't it?
Having met Elaine many times over the last several years, I have no doubt in my mind that that she will recover and in a grand fashion. She is one of the most vibrant people I know and that positive energy that she always possesses will carry her well beyond us all. All of us at Echelon will keep her in our prayers and thoughts and with all the love and energy from this list, she'll be back with us in no time!

Karen Syed
How sad! Elaine has always been a charming, witty presence at our MWA meetings at Sleuthfest. I hope she will make a full recovery!


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