Since I have finally kicked Rickards out I am moving on to a wide assortment of books - my tbr pile has Steve Mosby, Julia Buckley, Robert Fate, Jack Getze, Marshall Karp, SJ Rozan... and I just got the ARC of Dave Zeltserman's Bad Thoughts. Where to begin...

Who's keeping you up all night and putting a smile on your face?

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Currently Duane Swierczynski's THE BLONDE. Today I got a package containing David Corbett's BLOOD OF PARADISE and Joe Lansdale's LOST ECHOES, both of which I REALLY want to get into very soon. And Sean Chercover's BIG CITY, BAD BLOOD is clamouring at the top of Mt TBR. Ah, life is good when you have good books awaiting your attention.
I guess I've just changed sexual orientations, if I follow the drift here. Last night I stayed up way too late with Susan Dunlap, reading her new one A SINGLE EYE. My excuse is I've missed her -- this is her first published book in a long time. Before that it was Louise Penny. Her second, A FATAL GRACE, will be out next month and I received an arc for review.
I am on a totally cozy binge, reading Sarah Strohmeyer (sp?)'s Bubbles series. It is just right for my current brain-dead state.

I did read Louise Penny's second awhile ago (it was out in Canada in January I think) and really enjoyed it. Also read Sean's book which Patricia talked me into buying (well she did not so much talk as say that she liked it) at a signing here. Loved it.

Donna - Carl loved The Blonde didn't he? I really must track down a copy.

Read Borkman's Point over the weekend for a f2f group coming up. Not sure how I felt about it - which is why I am on the cosy binge. I think my frame of mind did not really give it a fair chance.
It occurs to me if William Morrow could find a way to offer the promo "act now and you will get a free hug from Sean Chercover" he would be an instant bestseller. The 4MA ladies seem to be collecting Chercover Cuddles. Maybe it should be like one of those cards - get so many stamped confirmations and get a prize...

I think Duane's THE BLONDE has one of the best opening lines ever. Not sure it will fit with your current cosy state of mine, though Lynne.

I haven't read Susan Dunlap - another name to check out.
Why do you think that I volunteered to be the offical 4MA hugger at LCC?
You're good Rose! Boy, you're smart!
Have you started it yet William? Sucks you right in doesn't it?
Having loved Duane Swierczynski's"The Blonde," I just went back and picked up "The Wheelman." I had no intention of staying up late last night to finish it, but anyone who has seen the bags under my eyes this morning knows I did. An ARC of the Bruen/Starr sequel, "Slide" recently did the same thing. That's one of the perils of reading mystery and crime fiction. You gotta know how it ends, and that often means sticking it out until the end, long after my wife has rolled over and gone to sleep.
I've finally gotten around the reading The King of Lies by John Hart. I'm glad I haven't filled out my Anthony nomination ballot yet. This one's going to be on it.
King of Lies is another one I need to find and read. We get so many recommendations on 4MA and now finding them duplicated here - guess that is a hint.
At the moment I'm slowly working my way throught the Vanity Fair second annual Green Issue-I'm not entirely sure Vanity Fair qualifies as responsible news source on ecology issues, but it's been pretty interesting reading.

I'm also re-reading John Connolly's Book of Lost Things.
Well, I would hate to be caught out as a liar as I have stated I don't read in how about I term it as a nightcap...ya that works and so does the book...The Devil's Redhead by David Corbett..what a wild ride.


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