Since I have finally kicked Rickards out I am moving on to a wide assortment of books - my tbr pile has Steve Mosby, Julia Buckley, Robert Fate, Jack Getze, Marshall Karp, SJ Rozan... and I just got the ARC of Dave Zeltserman's Bad Thoughts. Where to begin...

Who's keeping you up all night and putting a smile on your face?

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During the day, I am reading "The Gentle Axe" by R.N. Morris but it's set in Russia with all those 3-part names so I need to be fully awake. To bed I am taking "Alibi Man" by Tami Hoag. Tomorrow night, it will probably be someone else. :-)
The original question was Who are you taking to bed? Always, Dickens. One of my cats, the four year old, is named after Charles Dickens. The cat was born behind a bookcase in my bedroom. He's also the one who gets me up at night. Doesn't keep me up, but he does get me up.

Other than that, I'm not a nighttime reader. I'll get up early to do it - four or five, but I won't stay up at night.
Well, you can make the question 'who are you waking up with?' instead! Dickens is adorable - looks just like our Simon. The main bed cat I have is Rebus, which really doesn't sound good...
Right now I'm waking up with Mary Daheim's The Alpine Scandal and Eileen Goudge's Woman in Red. I usually read a couple books at a time, but only one mystery. I try to read a nonfiction or novel at the same time.

Thank you. There are three other cats, but Dickens is the only literary one.
I took John Rickards to bed the other day :-) and I am planning on taking Donna Leon's Suffer the Little Children to bed with me tonight along with Nintendo DS Hotel Dusk Room 215. This is the first ever computer game that I have been interested in playing and it has held me captive since Good Friday. I got persuaded to play this and I am planning on doing a review of the game. Excellent so far even though I am stuck. I have managed to get to chapter two but have been limiting my playing time otherwise I will spend the whole day on it to the detriment of everything else.
Rickards sure gets around!

I've never heard of this game. I don't play many electronic games either. Evil Kev has 25 to Life and Grand Theft Auto for the X-box.
Mr. Norby has the X-box 360-he's been playing Gears of War online. His newest friends are two thirteen year old boys. I'm waiting for the police to show up.
I've got a 360 too! Love using the steering wheel with PGR3, and Ghost Recon 2 is my current addiction. But I haven't been playing so much lately, lots of Crimespacing to do. :)
He doesn't have a steering wheel-the racing games aren't his thing. Ghost Recon 2 usually ends with him swearing a lot and wanting to throw things.
I took Sandra Ruttan to bed last night, but she kept rolling around and kicking me. It's starting to annoy me...
That's what happens when you let her take someone like Rickards to bed-things get...disturbing.
Ha! Last week I took to both the beach and bed Theresa's Schwegal's OFFICER DOWN (finally! Good job, Theresa) and Dianne Emley's THE FIRST CUT. Now Cara Black's MURDER IN MONTMARTRE is in between the sheets, or at least on the pillow.


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