Since I have finally kicked Rickards out I am moving on to a wide assortment of books - my tbr pile has Steve Mosby, Julia Buckley, Robert Fate, Jack Getze, Marshall Karp, SJ Rozan... and I just got the ARC of Dave Zeltserman's Bad Thoughts. Where to begin...

Who's keeping you up all night and putting a smile on your face?

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I don't read in bed anymore...for the past few years I go to bed wathing a movie. For the past several weeks I've been watching the Herzog/Kinski collection: Aguirre, the Wrath of God; Nosferatu; Woyzeck, Fitzcarraldo, Cobra Verde and My Best Fiend.
Currently enjoying Australian author Robert Gott's AMONGST THE DEAD. Set during World War II, it features Will Powers, a wanna-be Shakespearean actor who is bumbling his way through a murder investigation. It's written in the 1st person and because of a huge superiority complex, Will is a highly unreliable narrator.

Entertaining book with quite a lot of information about life in Australia during WWII. In this case it's focusing on life in the Northern Territory during the Japanese bombing of the area.
Oh, that sounds really interesting. I'm not sure I can afford to volume of great book recommendations here!
I read the first book, GOOD MURDER, and it was what I would call a romp. Got it in a two-for-one with the sequel, A THING OF BLOOD. They're good fun and the setting is interesting, but I wouldn't say they were particularly menacing or dark. Nothing wrong with that, though. Lots of fun.
Last night I finished with The Assassins Gallery by David L Robbins, so tonight I'll be taking Broken Skin by Stuart MacBride to bed with me. Oh and my husband, and one of the dogs......
Be careful, once Stuart gets in your bed it's hard to get him out.
Current book: The English Asssassin by Daniel Silva. Competent and well written spy thriller. I'm a bit noired out at the moment (particularly after reading Grotesque by Natsuo Kirino), so I've got some Japanese cult fiction in translation as a change (the Train Man, and Snakes and Earrings)


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