Being new, I'm not sure if I'm transgressing here, but I just read a news update from MSNBC that Kurt Vonnegut has died. I know, he isn't one of this genre, but I thought it might be of interest.

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Thank you, Larry, for passing this on. I checked MSNBC when you said it because Yahoo didn't have it listed yet. He was a giant. Thank you for letting us know.
RIP :( :( :(
This one really breaks my heart. I miss all the writers we've lost over the past few years, but Vonnegut...I have all his books, every one, even the handful of weaker ones, and I've read and re-read them all. What a great writer. What a gifted human being.

I remember seeing him on Jon Stewart's show a few months back, and already he could barely speak -- emphysema. That was painful. But this, of course, is worse.

There were no others like him, and I suspect there never will be again.
Kurt Vonnegut was his own genre. Damn.
This is really true! Thanks for summing it up.
Desperately sad news.
So it goes.
Vonnegut was such an inspiration. I feel like a member of my family has passed away.
The world is a better place for Vonnegut's having been here, and we'll always have the books to remind us of that.
Yes, that's how I feel. If I'm very, very lucky, one day something I write might give someone a few moments of pleasure, reflection, whatever ... Kurt Vonnegut not only influenced his time, he will continue to do so for generations. "Know ... that there is a prince and a great man fallen this day ..."
I had the honor of meeting him many years ago. I was around 20 at the time and had already read everything of his I could get my hands on. He was both gracious and wry in person. I'm sure I blushed and mumbled abominably.

Very surreal afternoon--his wife Jill Krementz had asked my foster sister to be in her book HOW IT FEELS TO BE ADOPTED, so we were waiting for her to get home.

Mr. V invited us to sit down at his kitchen table, where he was talking to Madeline Kahn. Very sad that they're both gone now. They were lovely people.


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