I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I'm amazed at the size of Crimespace. It is page after page of interesting information. I can see my hours usually dedicated to reading crime fiction are quickly being eaten up by browing Crimespace. I'm setting a kitchen timer for 59 minutes and limiting myself to that amount of time (yeah right!!!)

Anyway, on another thread, Crimespace creator Daniel recommends taking a few minutes to read the help section https://crimespace.ning.com/page/page/show?id=537324%3APage%3A7819 (also found by using the "HELP" tab at the top center of your computer screen) before just "diving in" to Crimespace. My father always says, "When all else fails, read the instructions!" Just wanted to make sure everyone knew this area was available as David has spent a lot of time making sure we all had instructions for manuvering this site.

Surfs, up, so Happy Surfing.

Gumshoe Carl

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that is our mantra too, Carl. When in doubt, read instructions.
This site is way more technical than I am able to comphrend. I have no idea how to download videos, music. And I don't know it I want to take the time to even learn the how tos on those. Because, right now, why? Maybe someday, but not now.
Sometimes I feel as if I am lost in a maze on this site.

And the time spent on it; just to keep up with the active and in the know 4MAers keeps me occupied.

Did read the help files when I first joined and didn't find them very helpful. Maybe they have been revised. Will have to check. I just went in and did what I usually do when I join something new and everything worked. Rest was just experiementing. Maybe then the help files were writen for someone that is more in the know than I am. And that is most people. One of my first blogs was entitled "Crimespace for dummies' because that what I really really needed. Still do because still floundering around.
I have timers on both of my computers, but do I listen to them when they go off? Ha! Usually reset them and more time gone.
I didn't find the instructions too helpful either but I am just going ahead by trial and error.

Don't like reading instructions. Still, I manage to poke around. Compliments to Daniel. Also, major compliment on the concept: it's very friendly here and a lot of interesting folks belong. It is an honor to be here.


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