I always enjoy heading over to The Bloodstained Bookshelf (part of the Clueless webpage: http://www.cluelass.com/Shelf/FullShelf.html ) which lists most of the new mystery crime novels by publication date. I try to keep up-to-date on when many of my favorite authors are realeasing new books.

So the question is:

What are some of your most anticipated crime/mystery fiction releases in 2007?

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Elmore Leonard's got a new one next month. He's the tops for me.
He's tops for me, too.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the new one, "Up In Honey's Room." It's terrific.
Mark Haskell Smith - SALTY
Christopher Moore - YOU SUCK
Megan Abbott - QUEENPIN
Barbara Seranella - DEADMAN'S SWICH
Donald Westlake - WHAT'S SO FUNNY
Christa Faust - MONEY SHOT
Duane Swierczynski - SEVERANCE PACKAGE
Ken Bruen - anything and everything

Several more that I know I've forgotten. And, on the 'please, please please let there be something new this year ' front, please let there be books from Eddie Muller and Bill Fitzhugh.
For every title I think of, two grow back. Like a book hydra.

Yes, Abbot and Faust and Leonard too!

Duane may have a Swierczynski Appreciation Month brewing this November for all the swag he's releasing.
Your list looks supiciously like mine. I'm gonna grab a copy of J.D. Rhoade's SAFE AND SOUND, too. And I have to thank you for generously loaning me your copy of HARD MAN by "Sunshine" Al Guthrie, which I'm salivating over. I'm prolly gonna try to get a U.K.copy of Ken Bruen's, CROSS, as well, having just devoured a U.S. ARC of PRIEST. Also watching for THE FOLLOWER, by Jason Starr, and his latest collaboration with Ken Bruen, SLIDE. I understand Reed Farrell Coleman has a new entry in the Moe Prager series, SOUL PATCH, which I am also waiting for. Anybody know if his alter ego, Tony Spinosa has a new one coming out (after HOSE MONKEY)? And I'm waiting for my copy of John Patrick Hunt's, THE BETRAYERS, to arrive. And BLOOMSDAY DEAD, by Adrian McKinty is already on my TBR mountain. And, and, and. . . .Whew.
I'm glad to hear people are excited about MONEY SHOT, but unfortunately it won't be out until February of 08.

Ditto QUEENPIN and SEVERANCE PACKAGE. And incidentally I just saw the debonair Eddle Muller last night at the Film Noir festival at the Egyptian. He says we fans are out of luck in the Billy Nichols department this year, but he also teased this mysterious non-fic true crime project that has a link to his family and sounds quite intriguing. I'll pretty much read anything by Muller so I'll take what I can get.
Damn, I thought it was out this year. That's a bugger.

And me too on Eddie Muller. He's just a superb writer. I particularly loved DARK CITY DAMES. But his fiction is just amazing. I re-read THE DISTANCE and SHADOW BOXER but I would dearly love another new Billy Nichols. Or hell, ANY fiction from him.
I'm pretty pumped for Bruen's "Cross" (that qualifies as a "default" setting here on Crimespace, methinks). I think I'll not wait for the US release and try to gank a UK copy.

Another in July 2007 that I'm hotly anticipating: Michael Marshall (Smith's) THE INTRUDERS. He had me at ONE OF US, SPARES, and ONLY FORWARD, not to mention his STRAW MEN trilogy.

August 28, 2007: Charlie Huston's new one,THE SHOTGUN RULE. No pics or excerpts yet, but he could scrawl out a shopping list on a matchbook and I'd pay non-book club member prices.
Swiercynski's SEVERANCE PACKAGE and Bruen's CROSS top my list. I'm also looking forward to Kelly Parra's GRAFFITI GIRL and Anne Frasier's GARDEN OF DARKNESS. There are others, but those are the ones I can think of right now...
Oh boy, a new one from Dutch Leonard.

Loren D. Estleman has two coming out this year---

American Detective & Nicotine Kiss
NICOTINE KISS is came out last year, I think you're seeing the paperback release. And AMERICAN DETECTIVE is out now. I hope to pick it up next week.

Bill Pronzini has a new Nameless Detective book coming out, I forget the title. MOURNERS was really, really good and I'm looking forward to the next one.
Barbara Seranella's Deadman's Switch is top on my list of awaited books.
Love the Bloodstained Bookshelf. Check it out and then go through the library sytems and place holds on ones I want. Trouble is I do forget what is onhold until I go back and look at the various lists.


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