A 22-year-old man was arrested for drug possession after police fou...

There are two ways to go here: lewd jokes or the discussion about truth being stranger than fiction. I can't help thinking if someone put this in a crime fiction novel people would scoff at it as being unbelievable.

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I am really bad at making jokes, so I'll stick with the truth/fiction thing. IMO? Most crime fiction readers know that there is a reason why strip searches include body cavities. As a result, I'm wondering why this guy stopped at his underwear, or didn't find a less awkward place!
Leads right to what I was thinking - in books we have to make the perps a lot smarter than this, usually.
It's true. Cop blogs are rife with "stupid criminal" stories. It really boggles the mind.

As an aside, one "stranger truth" I just had to use was a weird case one of the local PDs handled... someone was putting live chickens in residents' unlocked cars. I don't think they ever caught the guy, either. What possible motive...?
He should be glad they found it before they took him to jail. Possession in a jail is a much worse crime in a lot of states.
It's not an extraordinary thing to hide illegal substances in underwear while they are being worn...from the post what likely happened is the kid hid his bowl inside his trousers and some reefer feel out of it.
During my misspent youth, it was widely circulated as fact that cops did not want to look in your shorts. If the drugs were too big to carry in your wallet (the absolutely safest place), inside the pants was the spot.
Underwear is a great place to keep bugs warm, and bugs always taste better when they're warm.

Oh, you meant DRUGS.
So, you know a thing or two about bugs in your undies? I don't even want to know...
Daniel, are you trying to tell us you have crabs?


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