November 10th in Muskego Wisconsin (just outside of Milwaukee) will be the 3rd annual Murder and Mayhem in Muskego.
Crimespree is one of the sponsers of this event and we are really proud of it.
Each year the event grows and this year we have a great lineup.
Robert Crais
Laura Lippman
Greg Rucka
Chris Mooney
Maggie Griffin
Blake Crouch
Sean Doolittle
Gregg Hurwitz
Kent Krueger
Carl Brookins
Ellen Hart
Libby Hellman
Sean Chaercover
Marcus Sakey
Mary Louge
and a few more to be added when we get confirmation.

It's $10 for the whole day, and that includes lunch and a free book.

The website should be updated soon for registration and willalso have interviews of some of the past authors who have attended and some who will be coming this year.

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I CAN"T WAIT !!!! I had so much fun last year. It was my first event of this sort. I think authors are some of the funniest neatest people to be around. Jon and this event have changed my life with books. I'm Hooked ! I'v got my calender marked and the kids lined up with a sitter.
hmm. this looks interesting... if i'm still living in the twin cities area at that time, i might come.
I would love to show up, but---Wisconsin in November? IIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Sounds great - CrimeSpree is great too.

Sounds good! I'd love to be on the program, if there is still space!!
Jon - I mailed in my registration yesterday and am looking forward to the weekend. I've never been to the Muskego library (live in Mequon) but am surprised it would have the space to host something like this. I'll see you in a few weeks.


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