"Are writers who write about murder more fun than writers who write about women finding empowerment through quilting?

That's the question of the day."

I have a lot more fun finding empowerment through killing people. Quilting just doesn't let me vent the right level of anger, somehow.

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I can tell you this much. There's nothing more rousing when you're sitting around a bar at a conference, discussing the merits of a quilt pattern, be it patchwork, double wedding ring, or pinwheels. What could be more fun than that?
First of all, I think we have to explore the question of how fun writers actually are! Are writers fun? Generally speaking--no. I know many writers, most of whom consider themselves "literary" writers, and they're dull as toast. Not only dull, but kind of mean. Jealous. Spiteful. And, worse, condescending. (Come by and I'll tell you how I really feel!) That said, the murder/thriller writers I've met actually are fun! Why? Because what we write is more fun. I know how tortured those poor slobs are who spend twelve days trying to tweak a sentence about the curve of a woman's arm or the the way a spoon sounds when it drops on the floor, but the sound is really meant to represent the collapse of civilization as we know it blah, blah, blah....We must pity them. How much better to fantasize about how someone might be murdered, exploited, rescued! It's work, yes, but how fun to write things that people will actually read rather than to write something that a few people will buy so they can say they own it?! Nice work if you can get it, I say!

Now, I think there are distinct possibilities here in the quilting genre--I'm thinking an obsessive quilter who uses the skin of her victims to make the ultimate quilt. A real prizewinning quilt.
Mmm, human skin quilt. Yummy.

Well, not really. But it could definitely make an entertaining read.
I need more information before I can make any type of informed answer. Are the quilting women dressed or undressed?
Quilting doesn't grant me the same level of wish fulfillment as death by thoughtful misadventure. But I'm a quirky little f*ck that way.
I really like that phrase: "death by thoughtful misadventure." Nicely done, M.G.!
Imagine someone who writes about women finding empowerment through murdering people by quilting them. They'd be good fun, I bet.


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