Who's planning to make the trek to Anchorage for B-Con this year? It's a seven-hour, $700 flight from Dallas. I imagine there will be a heavy contigent from the West Coast, but what about from the rest of the Lower 48?

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One day I'll be able to afford to trek across the globe to one of these things. I was really hoping to hit Thrillerfest this year, because I have a couple of friends living in NY, but it'll have to wait till next year.
i backed out because of cost and the fact that i have no idea where i'll be living this fall. someone also told me that weather is likely to be rainy with temps around 40. i have no idea if that's true, but i'm all about spreading joy.
Move to California, Anne. Weather's always good here.
I'm still dithering. I have hotel reservations but haven't registered at the convention. As someone said, "That's halfway to Japan."
I'd love to go, but I think I'll have to sit this one out. I'm definitely going to Baltimore. I already have the wifey's OK on that one, so I don't want to push it.
When is it, exactly? I haven't been to one since Austin, sadly enough. Of course I could go find the website myself... I'd love to go to Alaska and Sandra is right--it'll be a small one, and small is intimate, and intimate is good.
You're on a crime forum and you have a problem with a little theft? Come on, I bet someone here has an idea for a heist you can borrow...

(Just kidding. Maybe.)
I'm thinking not, although if enough OTHER people say they're going I know I'll get jealous and break down. But I really could spend that money better elsewhere, and I want to go to Alaska just for Alaska.
Nikki, the sad truth is, I drive like an old man. Who's been drugged.
I want to go, but it will depend on money and whether or not I'm still married by then. And money. Did I mention money?
I'm trying to talk myself into the flight. Ten hours in the air at 600 mph is pretty frightening. Too bad they stopped making 'ludes.
Have you tried Xanax? It gets me into a plane, and unlike 'ludes, you don't have to worry about the DEA. Assuming your doctor agrees to write the prescription, of course.


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