Who's planning to make the trek to Anchorage for B-Con this year? It's a seven-hour, $700 flight from Dallas. I imagine there will be a heavy contigent from the West Coast, but what about from the rest of the Lower 48?

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Well, I'm not Lower 48, but I am going. I love Alaska and I don't see how an author can skip it in their debut year. Plus, my theory is, because a lot of people won't go to B'con Alaska, 2008 will be crawling with authors itching to get on panels and it will be a zoo. I'd love to go to Baltimore, but I'm reserving a decision on it, as I think B'con 2008 will be insane.

And for me, there isn't much of a cost difference in those flights. I prefer smaller conventions.
Well, I'm on the West Coast and I have no plans to go at this point. I suppose I could change my mind, but I'll probably save it for next year.
Bear-free areas? I guess you're going to stay inside. Last time I was in Anchorage, they often strolled the streets.
Not really planning to go now. Seems awful pricey, not to mention a major drag, to get there from Nawth Ca'lina.
I wouldn't miss it! My novel comes out the day before B'con starts, so I'm hoping Ballantine will do something for it. Can't wait!
Holy mother of god. The shortest flight from NC is 13 hours and costs 600 clams.

No thank you.
That was kinda my thought. You can almost as easily fly to Europe. 'Course, they talk funny over there.
Do you still need a passport to fly in and out of Alaska?
No, just bear repellent and a carton of mail-order brides from the Ukraine.
These Ukranian women you speak of...where can they be found, Harry?
Beware Ukrainian brides. My husband had one. She thought she was invisible. That's why he's with me now. (I haven't told him I really AM invisible.)
I'm registered, and I plan to go at this point, but it really depends on how things go between now and the day I have to buy my plane ticket. I'm certainly hoping I can make it.


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