Who's planning to make the trek to Anchorage for B-Con this year? It's a seven-hour, $700 flight from Dallas. I imagine there will be a heavy contigent from the West Coast, but what about from the rest of the Lower 48?

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I discovered last year I'm not good at this type of thing. Chatty on email, blogs and discussion, chatty one-to-one, but freeze in the larger group.
No Bouchercon until I get this book out. Especially not Alaska, as much as I'd like to see it.

Will most likely do NYC for Thrillerfest, and I hope I'll have this book out in time for Baltimore.

Besides, the wife and I are saving for Florence (Italy, not South Carolina).
Italy is nice, but they got pickled pig's lips in SC.
I am SO glad I'm not the only one who can't afford to go this year. I am definitely planning on Baltimore, though. That is if the property tax reval and home heating oil don't kill our finances for good. :P
Well, at least you know your Baltimore BCon housing is covered, right?
I would go because it's a great excuse to check out Alaska, but the timing doesn't work for me this year, so I won't be there.
I'm not going to any conferences until I finish my novel.

It has something to do with self-respect and discipline, although I'm not sure what.
This is my great motivation for going to Baltimore: to light the fire under my ass to finish at least one full-length MS.
To get there I'd have to fly into Chicago O'Hare from the UK and there is no way in God's hairy green underpants I'm prepared to go through that ordeal that for at least another couple of years. I still have nightmares.

Nice though it would be to see Alaska: it's Baltimore for me.
Baby? You're getting one too? COOL.
Baby factor? Major congratulations!
I think you lack motivation. You could fly through Canada and hitch a ride on my dogsled.

But looking at this my theory is holding true. Should be easier to get on panels in Alaska.


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