What non-writing activity helps the most with your writing?

Meaning, when you're working, but not actually typing (or scribbling), what is it you do that always keeps the gears in the back of your head grinding on the story?

I have things I do when I absolutely DON'T want to think about writing in any way, and then there's the things when I don't want to think about writing, but I want my subconscious to be dealing with whatever I'm working on. This is what I'm asking you about.

Fishing is one of the best for me. And playing the guitar. And watching the Food Network.

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The only time my subconscious really seems to think about writing (when I'm not actively doing it) is when I have insomnia. I'll wake up in the middle of the night and lay there for a couple of hours and my mind writes its ass off. I've often thought that if I could download those bursts, I'd be writing a book a month. Granted, they'd be some pretty freaky books.
No doubt, books about hot dogs chasing donuts...
Starting with what I try first, I go for a walk, lift weights, shower, eat cereal, nap.

Reading jumpstarts my writing most immediately, but sometimes reading reminds me too much of writing.
Ride on the bus. Sounds crazy, but the forced inactivity generates ideas.
Like Archimedes I get most of my best ideas in the bath. I just lie there and relax in the bubbles and let my mind wander.
Like Davie "Scar Nose" Montgomery, my mind keeps working while I sleep. But unlike Davie boy who lays awake for hours in the dark (kind of creepy BTW), I get up and jot down a note or go to my office to write in the middle of the night. I've got pads of paper all over the house, along with a stash of pens. (The only kind of stash I keep these days.)

But when I'm stuck on a scene or plot point, my best resolution is breakfast with my husband. We chat over character motivation or other issues and generally the answer pops into my head from something he's triggered. So Paul, feel free to call my husband anytime--just don't make it breakfast time.
What? You take offense to my little term of endearment but not the creepy night guy thing? (God, I love this group.)
I can see fishing and playing the guitar, but the FOOD NETWORK? Does the word BAM jog your creativity?
I never said I wasn't a complete idiot.
Since my husband, the family cook, turns Emerill on every night, I got this reference. The only words I dread more are EVOO.


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