Hi, it's Shane Gericke writing. My deepest "sorry" to my lack of replies to the many of you gracious enough to have sent me things the past couple weeks. Alas, I was laid up with shoulder surgery, to get rid of a nasty bit of arthritis that was keeping me from raising my hand over my head. Surgery went well, rehab's nearly finished, and I'm back in action. It's taken me this long to dig through the vast e-mail mountain that formed in my absence, so rest assured I'll be back to each of you shortly.

Thanks for your patience. My good arm salutes you!

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Hope you have a fast road to full recovery, Shane. Best wishes!!
Thanks, Jordan. I very much appreciate the good wishes.
All of that so you could raise your hand over your head? What are you, in school? You had the perfect way of getting out of reaching to the upper cupboards for those shorter than you, or for helping load luggage when traveling. You must be insane! You're supposed to milk the disability for all its worth!

(Seriously, hope you're better.)
I tried whining to my wife about working, and got The Hairy Eyeball. She's tougher than my characters, that one! So I'm back to writing and cutting the grass and all that. Fun while it lasted, though :-)
Well, seriously, good to see you back. And of course you were just dying to get out there and mow the lawn and start the garden and all that jazz! (I hate yardwork.)
I'm glad to hear you're doing well. As for the "good arm salute" why am I reminded of the Police Inspector in Young Frankenstein?
That's Frahnk-en-STEEN :-)


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