Just saw this last night. Thought Ryan Gossling (sp?) and Sir Hopkins were both excellent -- without them this would have been an over-long episode of "Law and Order" or "Justice". The "explain the ending to me in flashbacks" irritated me somewhat, but overall recommend this.

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I thought it was the best movie I've seen in a long time. The acting by the two leades was indeed great. Hubby and I were in the theater all alone and we were able to talk to each other and tried to figure out what the Hopkins character did with the gun. I enjoyed every minute of it.
Oh, glad to hear that some folks liked it. It's really gotten mixed reviews. My husband and I are probably going to see it tonight.
We, too. Is it that or Blades of Glory-the only two near by?
I really liked it -- and for those of you outside of L.A., it really captures the city nicely with locations in Santa Monica, downtown, the tony hillside mansions (looked like the murder scene was filmed up near Mulholland Drive). All filmed, of course, with the photographic gloss you expect in a major studio film.

There was a symbol in the film that I think wasn't used to its fullest extent -- the Rube-Goldberg-like marble machine in the opening credits. I think it was supposed to be a visual metaphor for how Hopkin's character thought he could control his fate and manipulate the world around him.

The story is by Dan Pyne, who wrote "White Sands" -- another nice little thriller set in New Mexico with Willem Defoe. Definitely worth a rent.
I ended up seeing this last night. As someone else said, the acting lifted this from a fairly typical movie into something a bit better. Ryan Gosling may be the best mid-twenties actor I've ever seen. The only element that didn't work well was the love interest. Why do they feel they need this?


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