Hi all;
I've been approached by a screenwriter who read one of my books and wants to adapt it into a screenplay. I'm not sure what to do. If I say yes, there would have to be some sort of written aggreement in case it sells, but I don't have an agent and I'm not sure where to take it next.
I would love to see the book as a screenplay, but I don't want to give anything away by telling him to go ahead.
Any suggestions?

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I would hire an attorney specializing in entertainment/IP law and have him/her draft a standard option agreement. It probably wouldn't cost more than $400 or $500 which could come from the option fee and would be money well spent.
I agree with Hunsicker. And yes, you have the option cover your legal costs.

If the writer balks, he/she ain't serious.

If they don't have $500 for an option, then they ain't enough of a screenwriter to do anything for you or your book.
Bear in mind that it will take some time for the screenplay to be completed and it may be some additional time before the script is sold, so you will need to allow time for the writer to get the script out there and to assess interest from a film producer. An option of two years with the option to renew for a further number of years would be an example. You don't want to have the book tied up for years in case there is another offer.


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