After a recent discussion on the record keeping habits of readers, I was inspired to create an account at LibraryThing. One of the members here at Crimespace suggested that I also set up a group over there as well. I'm not sure how many of you use LibraryThing, but it's a fun and addictive way of keeping track of books, as well as a way to see what the other Crimespace members have in their collections.

Feel free to join the Crimespace group over at LibraryThing. If not, I thought I'd share with you all my semi-artwork inspired by the place.

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Thanks Stacie. I guess I understand. I just don't get it.
Hi Jeff

LibraryThing has a practical use. I recently began using LibraryThing because I can look up all the books in my library on my PocketPC. This way if I have a question about whether I own a book, then I can look it up anywhere anytime. Buying a book I already own is expensive and frustrating.
No. Too damn many books and I don't like record keeping. I need time to write. But this strange hobby is catching on. When I google my books (the ones I wrote), I find them in all sorts of different languages in Library Thing. Maybe people even review. So on the whole I approve. :)
I started using it a while ago, then buckled under the sheer weight of books. Even thinking about it makes me weak at the knees - I'm a compulsive hoarder and I've got pretty much everything I've ever read, including my old Ladybird books from when I was three (well, Mum was going to throw them out, or worse, give them away!)

In another life I collect comics - something I've been doing for almost 30 years now. That's another terrifying cataloguing project I can't quite bring myself to start.
I have recently started cataloging my library on LibraryThing. I intend to purchase a scanner to make this massive project easier.


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