I'm thinking I can pose this question to both writers and readers...

Do you think in terms of soundtracks for the books you read, or write? Do you take an extra step and actually create them?

I made a soundtrack for the novel I'm currently working on. Rain Dog (husband) has done them for both short stories he wrote last year. (And then expects me to burn CDs for him. The nerve of that techo-challenged man...) He does his to listen to while you read, but I do mine for inspiration if I hit a snag with the writing.

Anyone else? If so, who/what are your influences... or do you tend towards a pretty eclectic mix?

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I used to include songs in the scenes; I think I stopped when I was reading something (cannot even remember what, now) where someone had mentioned specific songs and I didn't know the music. It made me have to stop and go find what they were referring to in order to get the gist (atmosphere, whatever), which took me out of the story. They kept mentioning bands I'd never heard of, so it kinda impaired the book for me. On the other hand, if someone mentiones music I know, I end up feeling a deeper connection to the work.

(yeah, I'm miz decisive over here)
David Leigh Rasta played my wedding.

They didn't bother the cheese, but then this was eleven years ago - when they still had the flugelhorn player.
That is a haunting image.
I like to have a Jenna Jameson DVD playing in the background.
sound on or off?
There's sound with those?
This thread was about what people like to have on while they were writing? Never mind.
Yeah, I'd ask how your output was when you have that DVD playing, but then I'm afraid you might actually answer.
Dude, the sound's often the best part.
As a high-schooler I always used to attach a particular album or artist to a book I was reading, or better still, a series. Jean-Michel Jarre for Frank Herbert's DUNE & Orson Scott Card's ENDER'S GAME, Portishead for all of Anne Rice's stuff, can't seem to remember any more.

But I find it difficult to listen to music while I write. Blame it on me spending a few years recording and mixing for the goth-industrial-rock band I was in. I think the audio part of my brain got bigger. Now I don't smell so good ...

Lately, though, I've found that I can train myself to listen to more vocal-free music while I write during my lunch hour at work. Helps to drown out the conversation around me, and set the mood. Can't seem to do it all the time, though.
I created a soundtrack for Lost Dog. It's a combination of songs that I listened to while writing which inspired the proper mood in me for certain scenes, or songs which I think evoke the spirit of the story.

For my current work-in-progress, I have an iTunes playlist which I listen to as I write. It's pretty long, so I willl probably winnow it down for the formal soundtrack when I get closer to done.

I definitely am thinking about inspiration and mood when I consider a song.

Here is the Lost Dog soundtrack:

"Pressure's On" -- James
"Hairshirt" -- R.E.M.
"Straight to Video" -- Mindless Self Indulgence
"The Crystal Lake" -- Grandaddy
"My Weakness" -- Moby
"Unchained Melody" -- The Righteous Brothers
"The Kiss" -- The Cure
"Sweetness Follows" -- R.E.M.
"Out of Get You" -- James
"Say Say Something" -- James
"My Sundown" -- Jimmy Eat World
I sort of try to do whatever I'm biased against. So once I noticed I didn't like the idea of soundtracks, I started making them.

Now that I like them, I'll probably make a point of avoiding them.


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