Simply put: Who do you think are the crime fiction authors who deserve a bigger reading audience? You know, the ones who consistently produce excellent work but somehow receive minimal reviews (if any), scant sales, and then fade away into the out-of-print blackhole.

For me, it's John Shannon. His Jack Liffey series is one of the best-written Los Angeles based series out there. And while reviews of his releases are always praise-ladden, his books go neglected and rarely see the light of paperback publication.

So tell me, folks?--Whose flag do you wave?

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So, for those of you keeping track, Daniel Woodrell, Edward Wright, and John Shannon are the ones mentioned more than once. But all of the suggestions sound great! Keep 'em coming, fellow readers. All it takes is for a few of us to discover a new authors and pass along the recommendations to a friend. Next thing you know, they just become popular!
We talkin' Crime Fiction?

No bigger secret in America than Loren D. Estleman. The man can flat-ass write, even though he still does it on a manual typewriter.
True, that.
Australasian Authors in general - publishers you don't know what you're ignoring.... [VBEG]

Leigh Redhead
Paul Thomas
Caroline Shaw
PD Martin
J M Calder
Lindy Cameron
Brian Kavanagh
Malcolm Knox
Gabrielle Lord
Chris Nyst
Rose Beecham
Chris Niles

And that's just for starters!

Smart ass. (You had me until the lsat few words.)
Carol O'Connell

JA Konrath

Liza Cody

Giles Blunt

Sandra Scoppetone

All have had been recognized as terrific writers and have wonderful books under thier belts, but have not enjoyed the enormous attention some huge names with far less talent seem to get. Doesn't seem right to me.
Byron, you flat-out crack me up, by the way!!!
Thomas H Cook is very neglected in the UK. I cant work out why he struggles sales wise
Okay, so how many of us weren't secretly thinking, "Me me me!" when they read that post title?
I was noticing that no one has answered this yet... ;-)
I was about to.
A hand rose slowly at the back of the room. "Ahhh...well...I wasn't thinking that," he answered meekly.


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