Simply put: Who do you think are the crime fiction authors who deserve a bigger reading audience? You know, the ones who consistently produce excellent work but somehow receive minimal reviews (if any), scant sales, and then fade away into the out-of-print blackhole.

For me, it's John Shannon. His Jack Liffey series is one of the best-written Los Angeles based series out there. And while reviews of his releases are always praise-ladden, his books go neglected and rarely see the light of paperback publication.

So tell me, folks?--Whose flag do you wave?

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Ah, but it was your post to begin with, so that's to be expected ;D

I wish I could add to the list, but I've been too broke money and time wise to do much reading lately.
I would have bet good money that Carol O'Connell would get a bigger reading audience after the rave review the New York Times gave her latest Mallory novel. And, I would have lost that bet! Guess sometimes it takes even more than that for an author to break through.
I'll second Karen's listing of Caroline Shaw. She's had 2 books published and we wonder whether there will be a third. I'll also second Chris Nyst.

You missed out Shane Maloney, Karen. He deserves a wider audience in countries other than Australia (he deserves more readers here too).

And you missed Adrian Hyland.


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