What has happened to Gangster books. Are these sort of books no longer popular. Ive just finished reading Don Winslow's The Winter Of Frankie Machine. Very good book. Could this be the book that starts the genre going all over again?

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If they're not popular anymore, it's not because of Charlie Stella. All of his novels involve low- and mid-level gangsters, kind of like a modern day FRIENDS OF EDDIE COYLE, only dark, violent and funny. Sadly, not enough people know about him, and none of his books are in paperback.
I am currently reading 'Thunder City' by Loren D. Estleman. "Whiskey River' is another goody by him.

The old rum runners & bootleggers---times were simpler then.
Jess Walter's CITIZEN VINCE was something of a different take on the gangster novel, and an Edgar winner to boot. Almost a coming-of-age feel to it, with a mobster type who enters a Witness Protection Program and does his best to shrug off the old life.

THE WINTER OF FRANKIE MACHINE has to be one of the best titles I've ever heard.
I don't know if it'll kick-start the genre, but it's a fine book.
How about this? On this day...

I hope they're still alive, as I'm about to start writing one.

Albeit a little twisted...


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