Recovered from real-life concerns, Megan Powell's Shred of Evidence recently resurfaced as a blog. My 100-word story, "Kink", is up today.

Shred will re-open to original shorts (1,000-22,000 words) soon. In the meantime, Megan is accepting flash (under 1,000 words), reprint, and serial submissions. Check the site for details.

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This is a happy day--the return of a sparkling personality as well as a great zine.
That certainly is great news! Go Megan!
Gerald, thanks for sharing the above news about Shred of Evidence. I'm so glad that Megan's life is such that she can continue with publishing the blog-to-be-zine, again. I'll scoot over to the blog after this. FYI, for a period of time, I received spam from someone using the Shred of Evidence address. I'll also read your flash story.

Yours in mystery,

Pat Harrington
As you may (or may not) have noticed, I have a story out at Shred, titled "Worth the Chance." It appeared Feb. of last year.

A. C. Ellis


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