Anyone read this collection of Ed McBain short stories? They were all written at the start of his career, before he got going with the 87th Precinct novels. I think I'm enjoying his notes (on how each story came to be) as much as I am the stories themselves - he had such a warm, conversational tone. And the stories are wonderful. Timeless in theme (if not in colloquialisms). Different from the novels, a little rougher around the edges, but in a good way. This is a great book for fans!

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Saddened by news of his death, but still longing to read any newly published work bearing his name, I rushed out and read this collection the moment it hit the streets. How right you are, Christa. It's wonderful to trace his early development into the author we grew to love so much. Not a book to win over new readers, but certainly something his many fans can enjoy and treasure. And how reassuring to know that his many novels continue to weight down the shelves of libraries and bookstores everywhere.
I haven't, but I do love me some McBain. I'll get my girlfriend to order us a copy.


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