While he more or less did right by the overall story line, what with the tying up of the loose ends, David Chase also did the fiscally prudent thing: He kept all the doors wide open for a movie, and not just with the ending.

Of course there is the pending indictment. (An 80% chance!) But did you notice Meadow’s future mother-in-law checking out the make of the Soprano’s china? Or Tony’s lawyer oogling the dancers at the Bing? That’s the kind of character development the show did so well and seems like a waste if it’s not going to come into play somewhere down the line.

That said, I thought the last scene might have been structured to be a little more satisfying. He could have kept the same open-ended outcome (which I liked) without making half of America think their cable went out.

Phil Leotardo. Insert sound of cantaloupe squishing here.

He got what he deserved. ' Nuff said.


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Harry, I just wrote a quick post on this as well (crimespace.ning.com/profiles/blog/show?id=537324%3ABlogPost%3A47665). I won't repeat it all here, but I loved the checking-out-the-china scene too (although I was distracted by the "Is that Annette from Saturday Night Fever" factor, but that's another story). And I loved, loved, loved the ending, at least once I was finished yelling "It's over?" at said blank screen.

Hope you're well.
I found the ending scene to be a huge "screw you" to the audience. "You want to know what happens? I'm not going to tell you! I'm David Chase, biyatch, and I don't tell you shit, cause I'm all edgy and stuff!"
I liked it too. It was in keeping with the seductions of A.J and his shrink that had gone before it. Did we really want Tony to die while we sat at his table? Or had we been seduced by Tony and Carm and this superlative narrative a long time ago. We are guilty by association. We have participated in the carnage by watching it.
And yes, I think that actress also played Angie on a show by that name in our youth. Have that many years passed?
I liked the ending. The way I read it was that all the eepy-creepy stuff happening in quick cuts in the diner gave us a foreshadow of the rest of Tony's life. He will be forever looking over his shoulder, watching the guy coming out of the men's room, approaching his car as if it was a snake, always wondering when that one he won't hear gets him.

I thought it was the perfect way to go.
Except if you watch it again, as you can do here, Tony doesn't seem all that jumpy or paranoid. He barely even looks at the guy headed for the bathroom. He doesn't even look up when the black guys come in. There's no shock or uneasiness. All the paranoia is ours---because David Chase is manipulating it. He's manipulating us brilliantly, but I for one still don't like being played.

There was a certain feeling of contempt to it. "Hah! You want to see Tony whacked? Well we're going to build up to it, then pull the plug! PSYCH!"

It was like Lucy holding the football, and the audience was Charlie Brown.
People must be so angry right now and I love it.

The entire week I sat around reading predictions of what was going to happen this week. Tony goes into witness protection. Melfi shoots Tony. Tony shoots Carmella. Paulie went to the NY side. Even I got into it with my "Meadow is going to die" predictions, even though I tried to go lower key than any of the other predictions I saw.

And now I am convinced most people who watched this show wanted it to be something it wasn't. This show was never going to have a huge ending. It was just going to end.

And that's what happened. Tony made a deal with Butchie, and Phil was taken care of. AJ seemed to get his life straightened out. Meadow explained why she was going into law. Paulie is promoted.

Things get resolved.

And then, as in the real world, new problems crop up. It appeared Tony was going to trial. And Carlo appeared to become a rat. Nothing was resolved there.

And then David Chase gave fans the biggest mindf--- of them all, with what is sure to be an ending to annoy the hell out of most fans who wanted a blood bath. Logically it couldn't have, no one knew they were going to Holsten's... No one with a gun had it in for Tony anymore... life goes on. Honestly, I think the ending was well done.
If not a bit abrupt.

Life goes on for the Soprano ending.

What I really liked about this episode was the character relationships.

Paulie and Tony trying to figure out that death does come, but at the same time you have to live your life.

The FBI agent who'd followed Tony for so long actually rooting for Tony to win the NY/NJ war. They'd become friends, no longer at war with each other.

And the scene with Tony and Uncle Junior trying to discuss "this thing we have" while not being able to, Junior too far gone to remember.

I think this is one of the greatest TV series of all time. And I think the finale was what it should have been.

Perfectly imperfect... just like life.
There should've been ducks.


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