Altman's The Long Goodbye with Elliot Gould. Yea or Nay?

I want a good clean discussion, no hitting beneath the belt. Now tap gloves and come out critiquing.

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Me for two.  I think the story could have stood on its own with a different name and a different name for the main character.  Using them both only invites comparison and splits the audience.

My thoughts exactly, Brian.

Next question: Altman's subversive version of Chandler (set in L.A.) or the most faithful adaptaion of the Big Sleep (Robert Mitchum late 70s) but it's set in London?

That version of The Big Sleep is a stinker, too. Faithful to the plot, but LA of the period was a character in the original. To make The Big Sleep well, you almost have to either set it in the proper time, or do it like the Coens did for The Big Lebowski and change things so much the viewer has to dissect it to get the similarities. (Which, frankly, is how Altman should have handled The Long Good-bye.)

I saw it once, don't want to again...


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