My recent post about the Hardy Boys seems to have struck a chord, so here's one for Nancy Drew fans. In 1938 and 1939, Warner Bros. released four (that's right four) Nancy Drew movies, starring, Bonita Granville. With the brand-new Nancy Drew movie opening in theatres today, TCM has decided to air all four of the original Nancy Drew movies tonight. So, if you're having some trouble with the new-and-improved Nancy Drew, treat yourself to a Bonita Granville marathon tonight.

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I'll have to catch them! I always like Bonita Granville and I remember seeing one of the Nancy Drew movies when I was younger.

Ever see The Mortal Storm, about a family caught up in the Nazi juggernaut? She was great in that. But how could she not be, when cast with Margaret Sullivan, Jimmy Stewart and Robert Young?

But this new take on Nancy, our stalwart, spunky and confident heroine? I'll wait for it to show up on cable!


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