Since we have a couple of "writerly" questions, I thought I'd add mine to the mix:

Do you prefer working under a multiple-book or single-book contract?

I have my own preference, but wanted to get feedback from crimespacers first before I show my cards.

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I had an opportunity to see Jeff Crilley give his talk on niche marketing at the MWA annual conf for its SW chapter. He talked about garnering free publicity with the media and he's got a book on it that I bought. It's mainly an idea generator that you'd have to apply to what you write and how you're connected to your work through your life's experience, but his presentation was very entertaining and informative. If you ever get a chance to hear him speak, you may get a lot out of his presentation. With him speaking to many groups, similar to you, he has sold 50,000 books, according to him. That is an amazing record. His day job does not allow him to accept speaking fees, but he more than makes up for it through his book sales.

I think you're on to something that works really well for you, Naomi. Keep up the good effort.
Can I put in a vote for ANY damn contract? Thanks.
Love you, Seth.
I long for the days where blues musicians like John Lee Hooker paid no mind to contracts and would sign anything just to get paid, under any name. I can see it now, an ever growing list of variations of Daniel Hatadi:

Daniel Havadi, David Mortadi, Damien Hatadibaldi ...
Just wait until you get that deal and then it's like a boulder chasing after you in Indiana Jones. It's wonderful, of course, but after famine for so long for so many of us, it's hard to figure out where to run.
What's amazing is just how long we have to stare at the idol while scratching our chin. But that's cool, I don't have a problem with that. I'm Taurean.
It seems like a multi-book deal works well for a series, but the worry is the publisher gets the second book for cheap. My publisher demanded a two-book deal for my debut, and I'm sure that's the reason.
I agree with you, Angela. It's tougher than ever. Just in the short time since my mysteries have been print (2004), I've seen book reviews sections cut dramatically and small presses going out of business. I think that the large publishers will further streamline their business. An increasing number of authors will definitely have to maintain day jobs while writing. I predict during the next decade we will see great transformations in this business due to new technologies. So hold on for dear life.
Right. I've been at it since 2002 and was in for a rude awakening. I read somewhere recently that most book sales come from a handful of authors. These are the ones who receive all the publicity.
To my utter dismay, even winning awards (in my case a short story Shamus -- and in Naomi's the recent Edgar) and getting starred reviews had no influence on getting people to buy my books. Generally, nobody knows about these things because there is no publicity. I'm about to demonstrate the same thing again: ISLAND OF EXILES will get a starred review from PW I'm told).
Congrats on the starred review! Is this your second star? Most excellent.

I.J., have you spoken to Japan Societies? They would be your natural audience. Come out to California if you can and I'll introduce you to a bunch of folks.
You are nice. Thank you. I'm a long way from California, alas. And I have been weaned from thinking that people find my talks on Heian Japan as interesting as I do.

This is the first review for IoE and thus the first star. (I've had a couple on earlier novels). Now I'm working on matching Olen's double stars for his latest. :)
I'm currently on my second two-book deal with St. Martin's Press and I have to say I prefer it that way. I like the idea of being close to finishing that first book in the deal and knowing that I'll still have a home when it's done.

That said, I'm not sure I'd want more than a two-book deal unless I was writing a series...


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