Shortlisted books are:

All Fun and Games Until Somebody Loses and Eye - Christopher Brookmyre
The Dead Place - Stepehn Booth
Two Way Split - Allan Guthrie
Blood and Honey - Graham Hurley
The Death Ship of Dartmouth - Michael Jecks
Cold Granite - Stuart MacBride

Huge Congratulations all!!!

Drinks are on the winner at Harrogate.

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OUCH - the cull was severe - and survivors make for an eclectic list -

Thanks for posting and good luck all shortlisted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you in Yorkshire next Month

Wooh! Congrats and good luck to one and all (especially our Crimespace buddies!).
I think it's great to see Al on there - given the public vote and some of the names on the longlist, he probably considered himself an outsider but this is proof that people respond to good writing.

But congrats to all.
I'm not really a sporty type, but I feel it is now appropriate to chant:

Go, Scots, go!

Go, go, go!!!

(see, I'm not very good at it)
Wow! This is such a diverse list. I am going to have a hard time voting on this because I have read all five and enjoyed all of them. Best of luck to everyone!


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