We seem to have a monthly resurgence of this topic so I thought I'd take a crack at starting it this time round. Except I'd like to put a little spin on this "Me, Me, Me" game by putting forth a three part question.

What book are you reading right now, what do you like about it, and what do you not like?

I'll start it off myself with John Connolly's DARK HOLLOW.

Likes: The language, the sentence structure, the mood and atmosphere. The slow, creeping buildup of tension.

Dislikes: The history lesson on every single location, the page long descriptions of minor characters, the length (I generally prefer books under 300 pages).

All this being said, I'd consider myself a newly minted fan of Connolly's work, and look forward to reading not only the Charlie Parker series, but everything else as well.

Anyone else want to play?

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I went for something a little different and tackled the latest by Paul Auster, THE BROOKLYN FOLLIES. I'd seen the movie he wrote, "Smoke," and looking at his writing I could see that it took a similar tone.

I'm really enjoying the book so far. The first chapter or two were hard to take because the narrator comes across as a self-absorbed jerk, just another member of the "Me Generation," but it doesn't take long for him to start to show real caring for the people he meets. I'm about halfway through the book and eager to see how it turns out.

It does mirror "Smoke" in some ways (a young wayward child showing up on the protag's doorstep; family issues leaving characters adrift) and I could see some people thinking that's a weakness. I'm unfamiliar with Auster's other written work to say if it compares likewise. But in general I enjoy his warm tone and his empathy for his characters. I'd buy more by him.
I just finished reading Cris Grabenstein's TILT A WHIRL.
I liked the humor, the characters, and the very entertaining story.
I didn't dislike anything.
Daniel? Connolly's books are on my list of favorites. Not only is Connolly a good author, he is such a nice guy.
Right now I'm reading WARRANT FOR X by Philip Macdonald (published 1938).

Likes: A good old-fashioned mystery.

Dislikes: The book takes 50 pages to get going! I mean, I don't think you need a dead body on Page 1, but do you need 20% of the book just to set the scene?
I'm currently reading Firestarter by Stephen King. Never saw the movie, and this is the first time I've read the book. I'm thoroughly enjoying it, although I'm shockingly surprised (especially after reading On Writing) at the liberal use of adverbs. :)
I am currently reading Peter Lovesey's THE SUMMONS.

Likes: Classic British mystery in the vein of Allingham and Christie. Good plot, strong characters, flawless language, and the tension of thiller without the obligatory autospy scene.

Dislikes: None so far, but I am beginning to be more and more upset that he kills off Steph in a later book. This is my third Peter Diamond in a row and I have been attached to these characters.
Auster-The Music of Chance and The Book of Illusions are my favorites. Just finsihed On Chesil Beach by Iam McEwan. Brilliant and heart-breaking. Reading Secondhand by Zadoorian to get the Detroit mojo down.
And, may I say, I am rereading Megan's Queenpin and Hendricks Miami Purity to get in touch with tough broads. I find I keep softening mine up, which is death. I brought out a semen-stiff towel to dry her hair with. That ought to set things right.
Finished THE SUMMONS--it was great. Lovesey is a hard act to follow. I have about a week before I have to read my next book club book, so I am reading Laurie R. King's LOCKED ROOMS.

Likes: I love Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes. This particular outing has a decent amount of Holmes. The storyline is also intriguing. I will be curious to see what deep dark secret Russell has.

Dislikes: At the start of the book, Russell tries to hide her growing distress from Holmes. Her refusal to share her fears and concerns with Holmes seems out of character.


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