Any recommendations for where to send a short story that is a combo of crime/humor/ghost/lit? I am flummoxed. Thanks.

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I "third" Glimmer Train.
New here - is it OK to plug my own market? Notorious Press is currently taking submissions for an anthology titled HARDBOILED HORROR which, despite the noir-ish title, welcomes stories of any mood which combine elements of detection/mystery/crime with horror. Submission guidelines at the website
I don't see why not considering I have a story that I now want to submit. ;) Thanks!
I'll be working that up, Don.
Christat-This title is Prudency's Rubyfruit Meadow.
Patricia, The Red Coyote Press is looking for short stories for an anthology, MEDIUM OF MURDER. Your story sounds like it might fit. Address: PO Box 60582, Phoenix, AZ 85083. Sub. deadline is Aug. 31. They have a website. www, Good luck in placing your story. Lynette
Oh, my gosh, Lynette. I forgot about that call. Thanks so much for reminding me.


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