Okay, let's hear your recommendations. We saw ONCE--great, thumbs-up. Went to Ken Watanabe's MEMORIES OF TOMORROW. It was sappy and melodramatic, yet I was still affected. In terms of mystery/crime flicks, haven't seen many recently, other than Clint Eastwood's A PERFECT WORLD with Kevin Costner on DVD. Really good movie--best acting from Costner. Don't remember hearing about it when the movie first came out. Bad title. And as I mentioned in the last movie thread, finally saw BRICK and adored it. You have to listen to the director's commentary. Very informative.

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Yeah, I'm not really interested in THE BRAVE ONE. Even the title turns me off. I don't know if I am categorically against vigilante story threads. What was Billy Jack? The details are fuzzy, but I remember liking it. And of course samurai movies with Toshiro Mifune. I guess he was a reluctant vigilante or more of a mercenary.

Enjoyed all of them. It seems that folks are in two camps over INTO THE WILD, and I'm in the camp that loved it. Yes, the protagonist was deified, but I felt Sean Penn did integrate some slight touches that challenged his motivations. A great piece of filmmaking--Penn's going to get an Oscar nomination, I think.

3:10 to YUMA had the best straight-ahead story. Christian Bale and Russell Crowe excellent as usual.

The tone of EASTERN PROMISES was the most consistent out of the three. And the fight scene in the sauna--incredible. I'm a wimp, so I admit I closed my eyes during a few of the scenes. Viggo Mortenson is so good.

Three great movies--all will be nominated for awards, I'm sure. But I have to ask: where are the women? LUST, CAUTION is supposed to have a breakout performance by a young actress. If someone sees it this weekend, please report back.
Glad you liked my post. I see my function as at least 50 percent consumer info, since the entertainment dollar doesn't go as far these days. I am not a film critic, I'm a movie reviewer. I don't dismiss the artistic content, far from it, but I don't do think pieces either.
Saw GONE BABY GONE, last week. I felt is was okay as a stand alone movie, but a weak interpretation of the book. Casey A..too young to be the protag and too many plot changes for the sake of sub characters.


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