After seeing the semi-pallid Ocean's Thirteen (okay, the guys looked pretty good), we got into a discussion of the best heist movies ever. Which movies stand out in your mind? For instance, someone said Dog Day Afternoon, but would that really count? Should a heist movie be mostly about planning and executing a heist and not sidebar into other issues.

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Allow me to add a +1 for "Thunderbolt..." Seriously underrated. The final scenes with Bridges' character are quite affecting.
Oh, a Jeff Bridges movie I've never seen and a heist movie to boot. Also new is Perfect Friday. The Italian Job is brilliant. How about Bonnie and Clyde, does that sort of count? Manet's Heist was good too. And Resevoir Dogs, well, will he ever match it?
How could I forget Bonnie & Clyde!
I'm with you, Patricia--I loved The Thomas Crown Affair, the version with Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway. To me, the heist is almost secondary--it's the tension between McQueen and Dunaway that gives the movie its ooomph.
Yes, Thomas Crown Affair is a classic.
Oh, how could I forget, "Quick Change" with Bill Murray, Geena Davis and Randy Quaid, where the heist goes smoothly but escaping from NYC turns into a nightmare. Includes the great Bill Murray line when asked, "Say, what kind of clown are you anyway?" (Murray is dressed as a clown) - "I don't know, the crying on the inside kind, I guess".
I'm another huge QUICK CHANGE fan. I'll also second the vote for HEIST. For what it's worth, I think OCEAN'S THIRTEEN is the best of the series.

Favorite heist movie? Jean-Pierre Melville's LE CERCLE ROUGE.
I think Ocean's 13 was the best of the series. But I think it was too driven by its own cleverness and sophistication if that makes sense. I hated that the one woman in it was such a robot too.
Or maybe I am just too distracted by so many pretty faces.
Never saw Le Cercle Rouge. Thanks. Oh Quick Change was a cutie. I remember him on a bus in that clown costume.
I'd forgotten Thief. James Caan, right?
Oh, I did see La Cercle Rouge and only last year. Thank goodness Netflix keeps a list now that the memory is on the decline. I actually rated it five stars too. Shame on me.
I can agree with sneakers and also the original Thomas Crown Affair! However the remake was not that bad. The Lavender Hill MOb would certainly have to be in my list as well (the original)
Everything so far plus The Lady Killers (original Alec Guinness version), Big Deal on Madonna Street (with a young Marcello Mastroianni and Claudia Cardinale) hilarious heist comedy, and the recent Inside Man.
What a shame the Cohen brothers version of The Lady Killers missed the mark so badly.


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