After seeing the semi-pallid Ocean's Thirteen (okay, the guys looked pretty good), we got into a discussion of the best heist movies ever. Which movies stand out in your mind? For instance, someone said Dog Day Afternoon, but would that really count? Should a heist movie be mostly about planning and executing a heist and not sidebar into other issues.

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Absolutely! Peckinpah at his best. (Jim Thompson, too)
I forgot to mention The Good Thief, which doesn't so much succeed as a heist movie, and is flawed by a huge coincidence, but the low-life milieu is terrific. I want to see Bob Le Flambeur, the movie it was based on. Hey, I see you mentioned it!
Taking of Pelham 1,2,3 and Sneakers and also that one in Montreal with Ed Norton and Marlon Brando and Robert de Niro because I worked in that customs building for years and it was nice to see a Canadian city playing itself.
Boy, is that the truth. I hated it when Montreal stood in for my town in The Virgin Suicides. Way too distinctive to fool anyone. Montreal, not Grosse Pointe.
And Detroit only gets shots of the skyline to identify it. No one's brave enough to shoot here. (Except Curtis Armstrong in Eight Mile when they couldn't avoid it)
Lisa, I'm certain "Three Kings" was pitched as a remake of the aforementioned "Kelly's Heroes".
Another thumbs up for both HEAT and THIEF (Michael Mann does crime really well).

Another heist favorite is THE KILLING (Kubrick).
Odds Against Tomorrow is the only outstanding one (the cast, the mood, the John Lewis score) that comes to mind not mentioned so far, and I still haven't read William McGivern's novel to see if it shares the incredibly over-the-top ending. Castle Keep might just qualify, by its fingernails.
You are the king of the esoteric choices. I've never seen the first. I bet netflix won't have it.
You'd lose that bet, apparently. I guess we really should forgive Robert Wise for The Sound of Music and Star Trek: The Motionless Picture (as Harlan Ellison was the first to dub it in my ken) given so much of the other work.
It's now number 159 on my list. I'd move it to the top but I have six heist movies up there already. Even we have our genre limits.
Hm. Come to think of it, does industrial espionage count as a heist? If so, I'll suggest the Hong Kong film So Close...Bill Crider seemed to like it, after it made its way up his queue.
People have already piped in with Heat and Inside Man, but there are plenty of good recommendations amongst this lot. Must make sure to check them out.

Except I haven't felt the desire to see any of the Ocean's films. In my country's vernacular, I would refer to them as 'wanky'. But who knows, I haven't seen them.


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