do verbal skills decline as writing skills improve?

is it just me, or have others noticed how hard it is to talk? over the years i've noticed a sharp decline in my verbal skills. it seems that i process thoughts differently than i processed them in my pre-writing days. now conversation comes to me as an idea which is then followed by brain text, followed by a choice of text such as what i might want to edit or change, then the realization that people are waiting for a reply -- all of this before trying to spit out a coherent sentence. it's as if my brain is now much more equipped to deal with text rather than live conversation.

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My family gave up on me being socially acceptable long ago.
wow, i love finding out that so many people have to deal with this problem. i hate suffering alone. :D
it's amazing that writers can even converse at conferences since we're basically sticking people with the same defect in the same space.
Me talk pretty someday. Me hope.


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