so a severed head rolls across the floor and hits your foot. you look down and say, "Jesus!"

or not.

i'm editing page proofs, and i noticed that three of my characters use the same Jesus exclamation in different dramatic situations. this must stop. what would you say if a severed head rolled across the floor in front of you?

holy shit!

holy crap!


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When I was in high school I wrote a story by hand and asked a neighbor to type it up for me (this was pre-computer-in-every-home days). She typed it up, but had problems with a character coming across a body and exclaiming, "Jesus Christ!" The neighbor was born-again, and this was too much, so she replaced it with--if I remember right--"Darn!"
Oh, golly.
Maybe the head should say something.

(As to the orginal question - I think something a lot stronger than "Jesus" would come out of my mouth - like a "StandBy Me" pie-eating stream of vomit perhaps. Although if I'd been scoffing those special brownies while watching "Weeds" I'dbprobably lean towards saying something more like, "Dude...?")
Damn it, Jude, you have a lot of great ideas floating around in that shaved head of yours.
i'm not sure anything about this thread is p.c. :D
I doubt I'd be able to make a complete word - but then my verbal skills have deteriorated since I took up writing...

i love a smartass
How about "Hey, Lucy, you got some explaining to do"?

Actually, my favorite expression to everything is "son of a bitch". It might work.
son of a bitch is one of those lines that a reader doesn't really notice, but it gets the job done when some kind of response is necessary.
I wonder if the google ads are influenced by subject topic? I'm looking to the right and I see:

God- total Union with God: Why Jesus is the only way to union?...

Jesus Loves you

Worship CD for Children

Saving Jesus

See, Anne, there's now a campaign to save your references to Jesus. But since the pope has declared the catholic church is the only true church, perhaps it's time for a papal smear? Popefucker? Personally, I like son of a pope...

(Assuming if people can handle taking Jesus's name in vain they can handle that without taking offense...)
Nobody fucks with the Jesus.


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