Word around town is that Thrillerfest has begun. I'm totally jealous of all of you that are over there, so I'm going to leave this up on the front page for the duration, with the hope of living vicariously through all of you that are over in NYC right now.

So, if you're at Thrillerfest and you're taking a quick break to check in at Crimespace, tell us all what's happening.

And tell us who's drinking the most.

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Bored, bored, bored. The panels are all pretty much same old, same old. The Debut Author's Breakfast was pretty great. Nice to see some of the new blood get some recognition. The One Shot vs. Series debate was interesting. Other than that? Let me put it this way. Three hundred bucks for this thing and I'm not bothering to go back today or tomorrow.
i tend to feel that way about all conferences. i really like hanging out and meeting other writers and readers, but i don't want to be on a panel, don't want to go to any panels, and don't want to pay 1500 bucks for things i really don't want to do in the first place.
It may be that this sorta thing is still new enough to me, but I enjoyed the panels I attended. Still, as I said above, the hallways outside the panels were even more fun, and the bar in the evenings, the lunches, the random and unexpectedly delightful conversations in the elevators? All a blast. Okay, maybe I don't want to think about how much it cost (I don't), but my feeling of the weekend as a total experience was that it was marvelous.

To me, the panels are perhaps the least important part of it. An event like this or the other cons provide a good reason for a lot of people with a shared passion to come together and just hang out. Expensive, sure? A bit of same old same old in the program? Maybe. But what other excuse do we have to get together, enjoy each other's company, learn from each other, and just have a rollicking good time?

So, yeah, it's expensive, and obviously not something I can do all the time. But as a larger experience -- not just panels -- it was well worth it to me.
Just got back from TFest. Had a great time. Regarding panels, I have to agree. The most fun is in the hallways between panels, or in the bar after the panels. I love running into my friends I only get to see a couple times a year, and those I've known on the internet, and finally get to meet in person, even if it is only for a minute or two. And I love meeting new friends. That is, IMHO, what going to these things is all about. Panels can be so hit and miss. You really are dependent on the moderator. If they come up with the same old, same old, that's what you're going to get--unfortunately. And sometimes you can have a good moderator, but then be stuck with panelist/s who are just not dynamic speakers. I hate when the panelists and/or moderator take all this stuff too seriously. And 9 AM panels should be outlawed. Especially come Saturday and Sunday morning. Nothing should start before 10 on those days.

That aside, anyone who goes strictly for the panels is bound to be disappointed. Going to any conference is about Serendipity. It's those little moments in the hallway, the elevators, the bar, and even the lobby.
Robin, you were a part of the fun for me!

Er, Bill
I think we agreed on Billy Bob, didn't we?
Why, yes! We did!
i've tried to imagine a writer/reader summer camp sort of thing without panels, and i don't think it would fly. panels are the foundation.
They drink at Thrillerfest? Geezzz Now you tell me.
I'm back and just updated my blog. (http://jacksondonne.blogspot.com)
And tell us who's drinking the most

Well, it was hard to get too drunk at the Hyatt. The bartenders were as aloof and hard to reach as Dell customer service.
Boom tish!


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