Now, is it just me or do crimewriters seem to be really nice? OK, this isn't some sappy post that I'm typing with tears in my eyes; this is actually started by a nasty e-mail a friend of mine received. He's not a crime fiction guy, but he did publish a story on ThugLit, which prompted someone (El Douche Bag Extraordinaire) to e-mail him saying how he's ruining crime fiction by publishing in a genre that he doesn't normally and he should stick to his own genres, etc., etc.

So, does this type of attitude and behavior embarrass you as a crimewriter as much as it embarrasses me?

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LOL! The same could be said about romance writers.
And the pizza delivery guys. Don't forget about the pizza fucking delivery guys. They should stick to driving like bats out of hell and getting their fucking pies there on time.
The delivery guys where I live are usually pretty good.
Well, this fucking poet is just glad she got done early with her pizza delivery job and had time to slam a dozen fingers of lane oil so she could join the sad group of rail monkeys that follow Loomis to the bar each night. Kiss my award winning haiku the lot of you!


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