Anybody know a good one who specializes in mystery/suspense? I put my novels out on my own press. It's a one-person shop, but I'm not very good at promotion. Need a little helping hand. . . .

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I've used Patti Nunn and Breakthrough Promotions for three books now. She's done a good job of arranging signings, etc. Getting PR is a tricky thing though, so your mileage may vary.
don't think publicist.
think marketing.

PR is people talking about your book.
Marketing is people buying your book.

I'd want my book to be on the B-list!
You can't buy a book unless you've heard of it, Janet. PR is part of any marketing campaign.
True. Jack is doing a great job promoting his latest release. I've seen his name 100 times, and the chapbook was at Malice (I think?) It's what you've gotta do. The best book I've read on the subject is Publicize Your Book! by Jacqueline Deval.


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