I so want to get the hell out of Dodge. Turn in this book, go somewhere gorgeous, where there are plenty of drinks and people to cart them to me. My wish list is long (Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand, Italy). Where have you been that you'd recommend? Or where would you want to go, if you could just take off right now?

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You may consider this boring, but my favorite place is the coast of North Carolina. The Low Country of South Carolina's not bad either. Great beaches, the Intercoastal Waterway, beautiful sunsets, plenty of good things to eat and drink...man, I wish I was there right now.
Actually, I agree with you, Dusty. We were in S. Carolina a couple of years ago and while I didn't get to see as much as I wanted, I thought it was really beautiful. A very nice place to live, too.
We honeymooned in the Canadian Maritime Provinces. My favorite spot of all was Prince Edward Island, though I also liked St. John (NB) and Cape Breton. We've also vacationed in the Shenandoah Valley, which is beautiful in April-May.

Pipe-dream vacations include Ireland (I'd go first to County Wexford, where my ancestors come from) and the UK. And a tour of all the major cities on the Continent. I'd like to do someplace warm and tropical too... Hawaii? The Keys? I hate touristy spots though.

Avoid New England until about June. It's mud season and it doesn't get really warm till then anyway. ;)
Yeah, like you, I'd kinda like to avoid anything too touristy, but I'll take whatever gets me to Ireland / Scotland. Dream vacation would be a month to split between those two and Italy.
Now I’m a warm weather person. Sun, ocean, and drinks with little umbrellas satisfy just about every desire. My “Out of Dodge” place is Belize and the “Blue Hole”. The “Hole” used to be a cave before the roof fell in about 10,000 years ago. The circle of blue water, which filled the gap, is visible from space and is nearly perfect at about 1,000 feet in diameter while 400+ feet deep. I won’t spend but a few days there because it’s hard to ignore the other paradises that surround the region. See it all and taste the local flair, drink, laugh, dance and tan.
Wow, Jeff, that does sound gorgeous. And it's a place I'd have never thought of. Now I'm going to go google it and whimper a lot.
Prague has some very touristy zones. Not bad, just full of tourists. But if you get up past Letna there are some quaint places, rose gardens, etc. The air fare is obscene, but a studio apartment in Letna for 2 weeks is very reasonable. The dollar went a lot further 3-4 years ago, so it might not be the same bargain.

Tokyo is not quite "gorgeous" but it is stunning. Sort of like walking around in the fiom Lost in Translation.

Yellowstone park. Drinks in the rocking chair on the front porch of the lodge. AHhhh.
Some place warm. With fruity drinks and cabana boys and girls with sun kissed hair and gleaming, coconut skin. The kind of place where you can be swept off your feet just be the sheer beauty of the place, where you can become soaked in rum with not a care in the world and come home with a new lease on life, a recharged sense of purpose and drive. Maybe a new tattoo.

That's right, I'm talking about New Jersey.
Ironically, I'll be in New Jersey in May. There damn well better be drinks somewhere.
Officially hating you right now, just so you know.
There is a little place in Ireland called Dingle. My cousin Martina, originally from Dublin, owns this adorable cottage right near Dingle Bay, a place where you can ride your bikes right there on the sand. Tiny little village, the perfect place to veg out or, if the mood hits you, write.
Toni, let me put in a good word for Detroit.


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