The hardest part (after writing a really great book) for those of us new to publishing is getting a handle on marketing. While joining forums like Crimespace is great, you need to get your name out to readers, not only to other writers (who probably won't buy your book until they see you on a panel at a conference).

I'm lucky to have a P.R. professional in the family (with a degree from Columbia, no less, which I did NOT have to pay for). She's helped me get my name out on the web in many areas by doing easy things like writing little articles that don't have to be sold, just submitted. She's also done free press releases announcing things I have done, so that when I'm googled, people get results.

Take a look at and sign up for the newsletter (you get a free and funny cookbook). There's lots of interesting stuff there.

Peg Herring

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Although this could generate some interesting discussion, it might be worth your while to read the promotion section of the help page.

that link is dead Daniel.


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