This is something I've put off for some time now, mainly due to the sheer boredom of assembling the links. Today saw my passion increase tenfold and, in a burst of manic activity, I polished off the beginnings of Crimespace's list of crime fiction links.

The main page now shows a link to this section (titled RESOURCES), and I hope it will become one of the most comprehensive directories of crime fiction links on the internet.

Right now it's the bare bones, based on my own travels, so please feel free to flesh the list out by dropping links in the comment area at the bottom of the resources page (not in this thread). I'll add them in bulk as I have time, modifying categories to suit. The plan is to include widely useful resources here, so I may not add every link dropped below. Please don't be offended if I don't add yours.

I think three references in one post should make it easy to find, but here's one last one before I hand it over to all of you.

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If you get another burst of motivation I have a house that could stand a good dusting. (The whole 'tie the swiffer to the cats' paws' idea didn't really work.)
Just give the cats a couple of lines of coke and they'll be fine.
I added some suggestions but garbled the html hopelessly. I'm going to try that cat swifter trick, though.
Manic activity - and this when you're off caffeine!

If Sandra's dusting doesn't appeal - I've got 80 fruit trees that need pruning if you've got nothing better to do........
Thanks, Daniel!

Fantastic idea!


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