UPDATE: Daniel's now added the poll to the main Crimespace page. Either select from the options given or use the links at the bottom of the poll to add a writer of your choice.

After pondering this idea on my blog, I've decided to poll Crimespacers on who are their top three sexiest writers. I'll then collate the results into a definitive list.

Why? Because as this post by Kevin Wignall points out, publishers are often remiss in exploiting the marketability of their authors. This isn't about book blurbs or literary reviews, it's about harnessing the same shallow appeal that puts vacuous celebrities onto the bestseller lists.

As to what constitutes sexy, that's up to you. It could be down to the author photo or the appeal of their writing or simply because someone having the syllable 'wig' in their name turns you on.

Example response:
1. Jane Austen - All that repressed sexuality? No-brainer. [Polls as 3 points]
2. Ernest Hemingway - It's the beard that does it. [Polls as 2 points]
3. Britney Spears - Well, she did write a book with her Mum, but thinking about it, she then went wacko and shaved her head and that's not sexy at all... [Polls as 1 point]

Reasons for selection optional and this example selection wouldn't be valid, because for an author to be eligible they must have published a work of fiction in 2007 (this hopefully excludes all possibility of celebrity chefs making the list).

And, because this might not be as easy as it appears, you can nominate one or two writers, instead of the maximum three.

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I always found Shakespeare very sexy. Though I only know the author through his writing, it was enough to make that decision. His playful manner with words, his humor, whether sardonic, sarcastic or light-hearted, defines much of the man. And, because of his use of words, he was a mystery. That mystery is sexy, very cool, and a turn on in the intellectual arena.
I will have to think longer to give you two other names.
I had several writers pop into my head but as I read Dusty and some of the other commenters, I think I'll keep them to myself.

I tend to go all gushy and tongue-tied around one of them already, and that's never attractive.

And no, it's not Jim Born or Jeff Shelby.
I'm really not too sure how I missed this thread.

Everyone wants to have fun with this topic and hope that their giggles drown out the fact that they don't want to answer the question. I'll man up. Here's a no BS, non coy, direct answer that comes directly from the shallow end of the pool. The same end of the pool that forces me to stop whatever I'm doing to watch all of the Mercury commercials because I think that Jill Wagner is smokin hot. I may not live in that end of the pool but I'd be lying if I said that I don't visit there every once in awhile.

So without further ado:

3) Twist Phelan - Never read one her books and never will but brains and beauty give her the three spot.

2) Leigh Redhead - Its those eyes, they just kill me. Very intense. Almost too intense. And just so we stay in the shallow end she is just flat out sexy.

1) Marcus Sakey - Lets not pull any punches here, that dude is fine.

So there you have it. Please ridicule at will. Or stop pussy footing and just start naming names.
Sandra, thanks for alerting me to this. Vincent, you tease! For the record, I want to make clear that I'll be looking more like my author photo very soon. What can I say - I scrub up well in a suit and I fall apart after a few drinks (if that isn't sexy, what is!).

Say, Vincent, maybe they could do one of those Vanity Fair special issues!
If a bunch of writers got onto the cover of something like Vanity Fair for whatever reason that would be great. Though I get the feeling you're just angling to get yourself one of those artfully-nude-like-Demi-Moore photo shoots.
1. Twist Phelan -- Saw her stop the show at LCC last year. She walked into the room...

2. Bob Fate -- The beard and mustache tell of great experience.

3. Jordan Dane -- Good lookin', yeah, but anybody that can sell six books without one the shelf is way too sexy for the rest of us.
I would never dare say who i think is a sexy crime writer! I will be having a look at the poll though.


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