Any mystery-related film events I should know about?

I would have asked this months ago on EMWA if I'd thought of it, but this seems like a better place for it anyway.

Anybody know any crime/mystery/noir/musical film/video events I ought to know about? I've got a 14-minute crime musical now hitting the film festival circuit, and I'm always interested in screening opportunities.

Here's the YouTube trailer, which just passed 2000 viewings, thus reminding me I wanted to ask mystery people this very question.

"Weirdly funny. Mobsters terrorize a man while dispensing marital advice."
--Park City Film Music Festival

"A wild farce on noir/crime/musicals."
--Syracuse International Film Festival

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Replies to This Discussion you know about the Midwest Independent Film Festival? I'm not sure whether they have a mystery category, but they do showings once a month in Chicago. You can google them to find out more. And if you get out here, or your film does, let us know.
Thank you, Libby!

Unfortunately, it looks as though they only take Midwest productions. My DP was from St. Louis; that's about as Midwest as I can make it.

But I appreciate the thought very much. Thanks!
I'm assuming that you know about the film noir festivals that Eddie Muller is
involved in San Francisco and now Los Angeles in April. I'm not sure if they
are just older movies, but you might at least want to get your trailer screened
at one of those events.


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